To establish a schedule of a real estate berlin destination, must follow a plan, defined as an integrated process action that guides the scope of their goals both in the short and in the medium and long term. It is then to create a planned process that incorporates elements of uncertainty, such as political, economic, cultural and social current of fate, that can be maintained over a period of time.

The definition of clear and focused on the continued involvement of the population, training and generating profits that reach members of the community objectives are one of the key points for tour operators who want to address a planning process based on sustainability. This will allow you to target plans strategies to achieve those objectives and avoid wasting resources, capital and forces in matters don’t take the expected result.

Planning is a tool whose main aspect is that it encourages the participation of the local community in their processes, basing this decision on the unique knowledge that local residents have their own needs and its culture, and its primary objectives, improve quality of life for residents, caring for the environment in which they live and provide economic benefits to each of them.

This tool, applied to tourism correctly undoubtedly generates benefits at the national and regional level. These establishing policies and objectives of tourism development is recognized. It also promotes the development of real estate berlin tourism to its natural and cultural resources are maintained and preserved for current and future use and enjoyment.

On the other hand it allows to establish standard guidelines for the preparation of detailed plans for tourism development. Finally, by scheduling the activity generated policies, plans and projects that maintains administrative and institutional structure to allow development.

For a correct use of this tool, you must perform an interdisciplinary study, so that the scope of planning is in all aspects (not just a tourist). This is how various sectors of government provide information and participate in plans that are generated in this way is achieved include different planning levels, which affect not only tourism, but other aspects could be health, education or communication.

On the other hand, it is also relevant to provide local governments or municipalities greater autonomy. This will be encouraging the participation of local people, not only in the process of decision-making, but with specific projects as investors or entrepreneurs, thereby generating endogenous development (own capital).

When the state or private investors make the decision to develop a tourism-oriented area, it is necessary for stakeholders, citizens and organized community, be prepared to step in and define its future over the use of their territories. To give you a real community participation and self-management that achieves the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of the resorts, we need to strengthen some values in social actors as teamwork, solidarity, equity and communication.



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